Who is eligible for CPC's services?

Anyone struggling with chronic pain is eligible. 

Who isn't eligible for CPC's services?

If you are struggling with addictions, psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, delusions, or dissociate states), seeking counseling for court-related reasons, or are in crisis, including suicidal behaviors, then CPC is not right for you. Please look for a local addictions counselor or psychiatrist. If you are in crisis, please call 911, 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), or go to your nearest ER. 

My child has chronic pain. Would you be able to work with him/her?

Depends on the age and demeanor of the child. In general, teenagers do well with online counseling. Pre-teens (10-13 years) can sometimes benefit. Is your child introspective? Does he or she prefer to sit and talk to you or their friends instead of playing? If you answer yes to these questions, your child might be a good fit. Children 10 years old and younger would not benefit from online sessions. They would be better paired with a play therapist or art therapist, which is more appropriately hands-on. However, I would be happy to work with parents. 

Who would benefit most from email sessions?

  • Many times we can't predict when the pain will appear or how bad it will be. This can make even the simplest arrangements, such as scheduling an online video session, impossible. Email sessions allow you to write at your convenience. There's no pressure of a time constraint (which is good, because we all know how stress can make the pain worse)!
  • In some cases, pain can cause difficulty speaking. This is often referred to as 'brain fog' and can be as mild as forgetting words mid-sentence and losing your train of thought, to words coming out discombobulated or turning into gibberish. It can be easier to write things down instead of trying to articulate them. There is also the option of reviewing your email before sending it off.
  • Sometimes you may have a short question to ask or a specific situation to get advice on, and going to all the arrangement of scheduling a video session (or a regular, in-person counseling session) doesn't seem worth it. Email sessions are the easiest venue to get your answers quickly and on your schedule. 
  • Ultimately, anyone good with the written word may prefer a written option. Many people feel more comfortable writing as opposed to speaking. Email sessions would be the ideal option.


How do video sessions work?

First, contact me via email with the Subject Heading "CPC Scheduling" and request a video session. Feel free to include preferred days/times. I will accommodate preferences when possible. Second, I will provide you with some forms to fill out and return to me via email. Once that is taken care of and an appointment time settled on, I will send you a link that will deposit you into my personal "Waiting Room." Yes, it's a digital waiting room. And like any waiting room you wait until I am available, at which point I will start the video session from my end. 

I am in the Waiting Room, but I don't see the video. What do I do now?

Once you are in the Waiting Room, you don't have to do anything. I will start the video when I am ready. If, however, more than 5 minutes have passed since the beginning of our appointment time, please send me a text to let me know. On rare occasions there may be a glitch in the system that prevents me from seeing your name pop up in the Waiting Room. This is easily fixed with a refresh on my end. 

How do email sessions work?

First, contact me via email with the Subject Heading "CPC Scheduling" and request an email session or email package. Second, I will provide you with some forms to fill out and return to me via email. Once that is taken care of and pre-payment secured, I will send a pre-formatted list of general questions via email to help guide you in your initial messageI will begin timing our session during my response to your message. This back-and-forth emailing will continue until the purchased time block ends. Expect a response to your email within 48 hours.

How can I get the most out of our email sessions?

Write out what first comes to mind. Focus on what you feel as you write about certain things or topics and include that in your message. It can be beneficial to save your message as a draft and return a few hours later. A bit of time can bring more clarity to your thoughts as you reread what you've written. 

Use full sentences and complete words. NO TEXTESE OR ABBREVIATED TEXTING LANGUAGE PLEASE. This is for your benefit as much as mine. Time I spend deciphering, "Omg, by&m this is gr8! Thx!" is time that I could be using to provide support or create strategies instead. Emoticons and emojis are welcome though. 


How do I pay for sessions?

An invoice will be sent to your email with options to pay via credit/debit cards (all major cards accepted). Check or cash option available in special circumstances. 

Do you accept insurance?

No. At this time, I am out of network.