Chronic Pain

It's a struggle to get out of bed each morning. Sometimes you couldn't sleep at all the previous night; the pain kept you awake. Breakfast is often the easiest thing you can grab -- standing at the stove for bacon and eggs sounds too tortuous to bother. Other days you don't even make it to breakfast and lunch becomes your first meal of the day. 

Showers drain what little energy you have. Dressing for the day is a toss up between comfort and looking nice. Driving can be a painful affair; each bump and sharp turn jarring your body in ways that make you grip the steering wheel a little tighter. Work becomes a mind-numbing agony and you find yourself staring at the clock wishing time would pass sooner so that you might stumble home and collapse on the couch. 

Talking to people is a chore. You learn how to smile when you don't feel well and how to pretend that nothing is wrong. Despite mastering the skill of small talk, you still feel lonely and adrift. No one understands the pain you face daily. Family alternates between sympathy and demanding improvement. Visiting doctors starts to feel more like playing a game of "Go Fish" than treatment: "I'm sorry, but there is nothing more I can do."

There is Help

Chronic Pain Conundrums was created as a place where those suffering from chronic pain might find solace and guidance. As both someone who has lived with chronic pain for most of my life and someone who has worked with countless others suffering from chronic pain, I know that there is nothing more gratifying than talking to someone who understands your pain and frustrations. 

  • I offer one-on-one counseling through video sessions and/or email sessions. Sessions are at your convenience.

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Meg Hrivnak has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from East Tennessee State University. She has extensive experience in working with chronic pain sufferers, children and adolescents, adults and elders, as well as those battling PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She is currently working towards licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Tennessee. 


In her spare time, Meg loves to bake tasty desserts, experiment with essential oils, read lots and lots of books, and sunbathe with Ginger -- which really is more falling asleep on the porch, but Vitamin D! It's good for you.